What tellurians are we that flout our own coteries and admonish irenic and innate human opulence. Such corybantic behavior stresses that we are but quixotic in nature, denying the true productivity of our hauteur. As our aesopian tendencies nebulized, our conservatism became ostentatious and familial endeavors atomized. Now we are anecdotal cabals hoping for some convalescence in hoodies, confusing practice with praxis and ultimately just being epigamic in another's perview. Beg pardon, I partially recant. We are but fetal souls enjoying our first enlightening tantrum. Long live the juju of human lexicon and let it liberate, not just assimilate.

Once we saw ourselves as cogs in an industrial revolution, breadwinners and caretakers of the young. Our survival was at the epicenter of our consciousness and morality defined the edges of our existence. As the revolution turned, we became acutely aware of our mighty human existence; we became an excersize in egoism, defining a new role: master of the machine. No longer cogs we elevated ourselves to a higher order, convinced of a greater purpose. Now there exists a righteous mentality. But not everyone can be heroes. We are learning this and we are disappointed. We were promised the world and now what we need to do is rebuild it slowly and surely so that we can simply survive. Mayhap bread winning can be as essential now as “saving the world” because it will save our lives.